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Tom Burgoyne has been entertaining audiences in a furry, green costume for over thirty years.  Game after game, the Phanatic is always there, hilariously goofing around with players, umpires and coaches on the field and wreaking havoc with the fans in the stands. Tom brings the same passion and energy to his speaking engagements.  His enthusiasm is infectious as he retells the story of how the Phillie Phanatic came to be one of the most recognizable mascots in sports.

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keynote speaking by tom burgoyne

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Pheel the Love Keynote

“I LOVE the Phillie Phanatic!”

Whether in costume or out, Tom hears these words just about every day of his life.  And it’s not that people just love the Phanatic, they go wild for him!  They wear his apparel, buy his plush dolls, swarm him at appearances and do anything to get a selfie with him.

In a business context, what company or organization wouldn’t want to generate that kind of love from their customers and employees?  And more importantly, how can a business create that love?

The Phanatic creates the love by dishing out countless high-fives and hugs. Through fun Phanatic-themed principles like The Big Smooch, Tom explains how we all can create that love by doing what the Phanatic does everyday – make people feel special and loved.  Great companies know that when their people are treated with kindness, that kindness spreads to their customers and clients.  Tom incorporates what he has learned from the Phanatic and emphasizes that body language, attitude and the way we treat people leads to success.

Positively Fun!

Tom Burgoyne has been performing as the Phillie Phanatic for the past 33 years. He is widely considered to be the best mascot in baseball and has travelled around the world and has entertained millions of fans.  He’s seen regularly on sports highlights shows, has made cameo appearances on talk shows and sitcoms and has even performed for the nine Supreme Court justices.  He has seen it all. Until this year.

Because of the pandemic, no fans were allowed to attend Phillies games, except for the Phanatic.  No fans, no problem. All season long, he hilariously interacted with cardboard cut-outs, virtually harassed umpires and popped up in unexpected places throughout the ballpark.  In a time of uncertainty and confusion, the Phanatic brought a sense of normalcy back to our lives.

How do you keep the energy up and entertain a ballpark filled with cardboard cutouts?  In his new keynote, Tom reveals his three keys to success:

  • Exude positivity
  • Stay creative
  • Always have fun.

Tom is convinced that by utilizing these three tools, people of all walks of life can be happier, more productive and meet any challenge.

Find YOUR Phanatic

How does a kid go from being a huge fan of the Phillies to being hired to be their famous mascot?  Tom recalls his early days of idolizing Philly team sports and hanging on top of statues during championship parades.  Little did he know that a photo published in the Philadelphia Inquirer of Tom on top of a Center City statue during the 1980 Phillies championship parade would help him land the job of his dreams.

In this keynote, Tom reveals the three steps to helping discover the passion that’s in each and every one of us:

  • IT is in you
  • People see IT in you
  • Signs that IT was meant to happen.

It’s a talk that students at every grade level should hear and a message that if you are authentic and genuine your dreams will come true!

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