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Tom Burgoyne, the man who brings the Phillie Phanatic to life, brings passion and energy and lots of funny stories from his 33 years in costume as baseball's best mascot. Available now for live keynotes or your next virtual meeting.



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Long-time Phillies public address announcer, Dan Baker, calls the Phillie Phanatic the “most beloved mascots in all of sports.” And who can argue? The Phillies wildly popular mascot has been atop Forbes Magazine’s list of Best Mascots for years and appears regularly on local and national sports highlight shows. He has jammed on stage with rock stars, dined with Supreme Court Justices and has led championship parades down Broad Street. When you go to a Phillies game, it’s hard to miss the Phillie Phanatic. Whether he is on the field taunting the visiting team or leading cheers for the home team, the Phanatic is sure to put a smile on your face.

The man that brings the Phillie Phanatic to life is Tom Burgoyne. He is currently in his 33rd season, and has performed in front of over 60 MILLION fans at Phillies home games. Not only that, Tom has suited thousands of times at appearances locally and around the world bringing the Phanatic’s special brand of humor to sports fans everywhere. He has co-authored two books about the Phillies and a business/leadership book called Pheel the Love – How the Most Powerful Force in the Universe Builds Great Companies, and has authored 17 children’s books about the Phanatic.

A dad of three boys, Tom continues to entertain fans dressed in a furry, green costume, but he also loves to share his story and his message out of the costume, too.

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Tom Burgoyne has been entertaining audiences in a furry, green costume for over thirty years.  Game after game, the Phanatic is always there, hilariously goofing around with players, umpires and coaches on the field and wreaking havoc with the fans in the stands. Tom brings the same passion and energy to his speaking engagements.  His enthusiasm is infectious as he retells the story of how the Phillie Phanatic came to be one of the most recognizable mascots in sports.

Choose from three inspirational keynotes or work with Tom to customize a message that suits your needs.

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Pheel the Love – Based on his popular book, Tom asks the all-important question – What company or organization wouldn’t want to generate the same kind of love that people have for the Phillie Phanaic?  Tom shows how to create Phanatic-style love to achieve success and happiness.

Positively Fun! – This timely keynote focuses on the challenges we face as a result of the pandemic.  Learn how the Phanatic met those challenges by entertaining a ballpark filled with cardboard cutouts and no fans in the stands and by exuding positivity, tapping creativity and having fun, you can rise above the challenges, too.

Find YOUR Phanatic – Tom was born to play the Phillie Phanatic.  You could say that the Phillie Phanatic has always been inside of Tom.  In this keynote, Tom talks about tapping the passion that is deep inside everyone.  A perfect message for career-minded students, Tom recounts the steps leading up to him landing the job of his dreams!

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